• Pathfinder Julep Bundle
  • Pathfinder Julep Bundle
  • Pathfinder Julep Bundle

Pathfinder Julep Bundle

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Calling all tastemakers and trailblazers! 🍹 Meet the Pathfinder Julep Bundle, your new go-to for a buzz-free zest! This isn't just a drink; it's a lifestyle—a sophisticated, guilt-free affair that dances on the palate and sparkles in the spirit of gatherings. 🎉

What's in the Bundle? 📦


Crafted for those who live life in vibrant HD, where every sip quenches their thirst for life's next adventure. With a medley of botanicals from The Pathfinder Hemp & Root and juicy cantaloupe with a hint of mint from Geez Louise, this duo is here to break the mold and shake things up! 🌱

Why You'll Love It 🥰

  • No Booze, All Bliss: Keep your wits as sharp as your taste in drinks! Zero alcohol, zero THC, but 100% a flavour bomb! 💣
  • Botanical Symphony: Your senses deserve an ovation with this blend of woodsiness and bittersweet notes. 👏
  • Prebiotic Perfection: Pop bottles, not sugar pills! Our sparkling water doesn't just mingle; it brings fiber to the party! 🎈
  • Mixology Magic: Unleash your inner mixologist with endless non-alcoholic concoctions. Creativity, served! 🧪
  • Planet-Friendly Sips: Toast to a healthy you and a happy Earth with every clink. 🌍

If your lifestyle screams unique, fun, and mindful all at the same time, we've got just the mix. It’s not just a drink; it's a social statement, an expression of smart indulgence—the perfect addition to your conscious collection! 🌟

How to Enjoy 😊

Whip up your own Pathfinder Julep for that garden party or enjoy a chilled can of Geez Louise on your cozy balcony retreat. 🏡 Sip, savour, and get ready for the "Where did you find this?" from your friends—it's that special! 😉

Ready to upgrade your beverage game to legendary status? Grab the Pathfinder Julep Bundle and pour some social wow into your life! 🍸 Cheers to you, the trendsetting eco-warrior! 🥂


Whether you're a home-bar hero or simply sober-curious, bask in the vibrant vibes of our exclusive bundle. We make being alcohol-free more than just a choice—it's a celebration! 🎊