• Cocktail Favs Bundle
  • Cocktail Favs Bundle
  • Cocktail Favs Bundle
  • Cocktail Favs Bundle
  • Cocktail Favs Bundle

Cocktail Favs Bundle

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Get ready for some booze-free fun with our 'Cocktail Favs' bundle! 🍹 Shoutout to Edna’s for nailing non-alcoholic cocktails in a can to perfection 🤌 Made by a seasoned mixologist, these taste so authentic that if served with ice and garnishes at a party, your friends won't even realize they're alcohol-free! 😲

Cheers to enjoying classic cocktail vibes anytime, anywhere! 🥳☀️

What's in the Bundle? 🍹

  • Edna's Non-Alcoholic Collins (2): A vibrant blend of zesty lemon citrus, cool cucumber, and hints of juniper Gin - a totally refreshing sip.
  • Edna's Non-Alcoholic Mojito (2): Crafted with natural mojito mint, zesty lime juice, and a hint of rum essence - it's a vacation in a bottle.
  • Edna's Non-Alcoholic Mule (2): A bold twist on tradition, with natural ginger's fiery kick, zesty lime juice, and a hint of Bourbon whiskey.
  • Edna's Non-Alcoholic Paloma (2): A fiesta of flavours with a burst of pink grapefruit and lime, accented by Tequila Añejo aromas and a hint of salt.

Why the Bundle? 😍

Perks Galore:

  • Enjoy a cool 21% discount (that's right!).
  • Free local shipping (because who likes paying for delivery, right?).

What Makes This Bundle Extra Special? 🌟

  • Cocktails Minus the Hangovers: Enjoy the classic cocktail tastes without the aftereffects.
  • Healthy and Delicious: Exquisite flavours paired with health-friendly, natural ingredients.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether you're hosting a party or just chilling, this bundle hits the spot.
  • Flavours That Delight: Every sip is a trip to your favourite cocktail bar.
  • Sustainability Is Key: Savour classic flavours while you love the earth.

Join the Party! 💃

Imagine you're lounging poolside, sipping your Edna's Non-Alcoholic Mojito, as the sunset paints the sky - all without leaving your backyard. Or maybe you're enjoying a fun brunch with friends, clinking glasses of Edna's Non-Alcoholic Collins, feeling the summer vibes. And when you want to spice things up, Edna's Non-Alcoholic Mule and Paloma are there to add that dash of excitement.

Be part of Our Community! 🤗

This is your chance to elevate your drink game and impress your friends with a cocktail bar experience at home. Share your garnish skills with us using #CocktailFavs and you might just become our mixo-guru of the month! 🏆

Remember, the "Cocktail Favs" bundle is a limited-time offer - so grab it while it's available, tell your friends, and toast to good times and delicious tastes. Cheers to keeping it refreshing, exciting, and completely alcohol-free! 🥂