• It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle
  • It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle
  • It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle
  • It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle
  • It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle

It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle

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It's Giving Mediterranean Bundle 🌊

Ready to sip back and relax Mediterranean-style? Say hello to the "It's Giving Mediterranean" bundle - your golden ticket to kickstart the vibe without a drop of alcohol. This collection isn't just a set of drinks; it's your passport to a world where the sun always shines on your patio parties, and your taste buds say "Grazie!" 😎

What's in the Bundle? 🍹

  • Phony Negroni by St. Agrestis (2): The non-alc hero that’s jazzing up the classic Negroni game with its botanical buzz.
  • Ghia Apéritif (that big mood in a large bottle AND a cute mini-me): It’s bitter, it’s sweet, it’s turning every hangout into an endless European vacay.
  • Passionfruit Rosemary Prebiotic Sparkling Water by Geez Louise (1): Your gut's new BFF and your mouth's new obsession - srsly, it's that good.

Why the Bundle? 😍

Peep these perks:

  • Score a smooth 21% discount (we love to see it!).
  • Subscribe for an extra 10% off (keeping your fridge stocked AND your wallet happy).
  • Free local shipping (because no one likes to pay for delivery, amirite?).

What Makes This Bundle The Real MVP? 🌟

  • Cocktails Minus the Hangovers: We're all about that guilt-free indulgence.
  • Crafted for Your Health: Think prebiotics meet exquisite flavours that do the body good.
  • Versatility is Key: Whether you're hosting a soirée or just chilling at home, this bundle's gotchu.
  • Flavours That'll Make You Believe in Magic: Every sip is a taste-trip to the sun-soaked Med.
  • More Bang for Your Buck: With Ghia more concentrated than your last crush, get ready to create and recreate.
  • Sip Sustainably: Love the earth while you love every sip.

Take a Trip with Us! 💃

Imagine you're lounging on a Grecian isle, sipping your Phony Negroni, as the sunset paints the sky - all without leaving your kitchen. Or maybe you're gossiping with your besties, clinking glasses of bubbly Ghia Spritz, and feeling those Aperol envy vibes. And when you need a moment of serenity, Geez Louise is there to transport you to a fragrant rosemary field with every fizzy gulp.

Join the Neighbourhood! 🤗

This is your sign to elevate your sippin' sessions and seriously impress your squad with some Mediterranean magic. Share your mixologist moves with us using #MediterraneanMixer and who knows, you might just become our mixo-guru of the month! 🏆

Remember, the "It's Giving Mediterranean" bundle is a limited-time fiesta in a box - so snag it while it's hot, tell your neighbours, and toast to good times and virtuous vibes. Cheers to keeping it classy, sassy, and a little bit smart-assy! 🥂