Ghia Ginger: Nonalcoholic Apéritif | Ghia

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Ignite your summer vibes with Ghia Ginger, a spritz of bold botanicals paired with unique ginger beer for that perfect blend of bitter-sweetness and a slow-burning ginger kick. Real ingredients, real flavour, and all the fun you deserve.

Unwind with the radiant taste of their Aperitivo, featuring a botanical blend of riesling white grape juice concentrate, yuzu juice, lemon balm extract, elderflower extract, gentian root extract, and more. With only 50 calories and 12g carbs, you can indulge guilt-free.

Their process pays homage to the classic Apéritif, born on the coasts of France and Italy. They've crafted a light, dry, non-alcoholic drink perfect for socializing and sipping throughout the night. With carefully selected natural nervines and no artificial additives, Ghia’s Aperitivos keep you sharp and ready for anything.

Embrace the spark and savour the bite with Ghia Ginger – the ideal choice for lasting memories, from sunset to sunrise.