Nonalcoholic Emerald Stout | Collective Arts

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Introducing Collective Arts’ Non-Alcoholic Emerald Stout: all the flavour you love in a stout, with none of the booze. This brew is a cornerstone of our non-alcoholic beer lineup, delivering a truly authentic stout experience.

Dive into the beautifully balanced malt flavours of rich chocolate, sweet caramel, and subtle roast coffee notes, all leading to a smooth finish with just the right touch of bitterness to balance the sweetness. Trust us – you won't miss a thing with this one!

CA’s Non-Alcoholic Stout boasts a minimal 0.4% ABV, so you can indulge in the robust flavours you crave while staying clear-headed and ready for anything. Choose this brew for a satisfying, full-bodied beer experience that keeps you in the moment and on your feet.