Unwind: Ashwagandha Orange Sparkling Adaptogenic Tea | Kite

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Experience the soothing power of Kite Unwing – a potent formulation featuring adaptogenic Ashwagandha root, celebrated for its rejuvenating and stress-relieving properties. With earthy tea notes and bright, citrusy orange flavours, this drink helps you unwind with every sip.

Enjoy the benefits of a 1500mg Adaptogenic Blend with no caffeine, expertly steeped for 12 hours to create a relaxing botanical blend.

Ingredients: Purified Sparkling Water, Organic Tea Blend (Moringa Oleifera Leaf*, Ashwagandha Root*, Licorice Root*, Turmeric Root*), Orange Extract, Citric Acid. *Certified Organic Ingredient

Ashwagandha Root, a cornerstone of Ayurveda for thousands of years, is a calming adaptogen that helps alleviate stress, nervousness, and anxiety by enhancing endocrine function. Kite Unwind features Ashwagandha Root sourced from India, offering a bitter, astringent, and earthy flavour.

Embrace the calming and revitalizing essence of this functional social drink, and elevate your well-being with the powerful benefits of adaptogenic Ashwagandha Root and carefully selected organic ingredients.